This quickstart tutorial takes you through the main steps for generating synthetic data from multivatiate correlated profiles or temeprature using copula and fPCA models

Load required modules

import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import synthia as syn

Define plotting function

def plot_profiles(ds, var_name, n_profiles=100):
    _, ax = plt.subplots(figsize=(6, 4))
    for column in np.random.choice(ds.column, n_profiles):
        ds[var_name].sel(column=column).plot(ax=ax, c='#332288', alpha=0.15)
    ax.set_ylabel('Air temperature in K')
    ax.set_xlabel('Atmospheric level')

Load and plot sample data

ds_true = syn.util.load_dataset(name='SAF-Synthetic')
plot_profiles(ds_true, 'temperature_fl')

Fit and generate 1000 random samples using Gaussian copula

generator = syn.CopulaDataGenerator()
generator.fit(ds_true, copula=syn.GaussianCopula(), parameterize_by=None)

N_SAMPLES = 1000
ds_synth_copula = generator.generate(N_SAMPLES)

plot_profiles(ds_synth_copula, 'temperature_fl')

Fit and generate 1000 random samples using fPCA

generator = syn.FPCADataGenerator()
generator.fit(ds_true, n_fpca_components=5)

N_SAMPLES = 1000
ds_synth_fpca = generator.generate(N_SAMPLES)

plot_profiles(ds_synth_fpca, 'temperature_fl')
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